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This page is basically required by web search bots. No products are sold from this page, but it’s being included because my web-geek insists.


Morgan Quinn O’Reilly / Shea McMaster is an author of Adult, Romantic Fiction. This means the novels often include Adult situations not suitable for children or people who object to sensual or erotic content. Let me phrase it another way.


Let’s face it, my kid is now over 20 and he refuses to read my work. Doesn’t want to know that side of his mother. Fair enough. He is free to make that choice. As is any other reader.


All content on this page is owned/copyrighted by the author, with the exception of the book cover art. That is governed by the contract with the publishers. Cover art and blurbs may be used by Reviewers posting reviews on legitimate review sites, or Readers with positive comments to make on their blogs, GoodReads, Shelfari or other literary network. The Get Some Tonight logo is my own work and may be used if credited to Morgan Q. O’Reilly.

If you don’t like something, please tell me. I will take constructive criticism into account when writing future works.

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Intellectual Property

Covered by Copyright law as noted above. If it’s on this page, it’s my writing. Exception will be noted with appropriate credit, permissions, etc.

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Wow. Did you make it through all that? Congratulations! You now know the basics. Respect me and I’ll return the favor with respect in kind. If you’re happy, I’m happy and we’ll call it a day with some good reading. Perfect!