New Stuff For Summer!

admin | July 16th, 2011 - 2:27 pm
Lovership of the Stake While Jmo swelters way down south, and I melt under Alaska’s impression of a summer, things have been getting busy behind the scenes. So much so, we’ve neglected our blogging duties.
I can assure you, Jmo has been writing up a storm! Yes, he’s been chained to his laptop, writing so furiously he hasn’t even had time for my FaceBook jokes. That’s sad. BUT, you will be the beneficiaries, as his Love Bites series continues on in it’s fast-paced hilarious style. Besides, you have to check out his covers. Original art by the incredibly talented Nik Rainieri. It’s awesome. The next one, Book Five: Lovership of the Stake comes out August 1.
As for me, the other Morgan, I’ve been editing like crazy. Not only my work, but I’ve been editing on the side, as a way to keep my mind sharp. That and people seem to think I know what I’m doing. Hey, as long as it gets me a little cash and more books, I’m willing to give my opinion in the formative stages. Whether they like my opinion or not doesn’t matter. I’ll do almost anything for free books. Now I just need the time to read them.
Til Death Undo Us
Which leads me to my next topic. MY next release. Yep, I got one. And I’ve been lazy about promoting it. So here it is:
Releasing Monday, July 18, 2011, Til Death Undo UsBook One of the Open Windows SeriesManic Readers gave it a 4.5 star review already!
And here’s the even cooler part, Book 2, Courage to Live is in edits for a February release! Book 3 is started. That’s all I’m going to say on that one, but it should be out sometime next spring.
In other Coming Soon News, my alter-ego, Shea McMaster has a new release going through final edits as we speak. Rachel Dahlrumple, a full length Romantic Suspense is coming out this November. Keep an eye on that link, the blurb and excerpt will follow in the coming weeks. You can get a first peek at the beautiful cover there.
So, you think that’s enough stuff happening? No way! There’s more!
Due to the popularity of the Temp Tat from my last post, I’ve created a line of products for those who want to show off their love of eBooks. Or rather, books in general. If the Get Some Tonight heart makes you smile, share the happiness. Yes, you can get mugs, apparel, mouse pad, apron, magnet, or even a key chain with not only the Get Some Tonight logo, but some other doodling I’ve been doing, at my Zazzle store. Some of these items might even become prizes or give-aways somewhere down the line.
NOTE: One little caveat. Just a teeny tiny thing. In order to see the Get Some Tonight items, you have to be set up to see PG-13 sites. There are a couple G-Rated items, but most are PG-13.
In the mean time, I’m handing out temp tats and bookmarks like CRAZY. A bunch are headed for the Midwest Fiction Writers Fall Harvest Workshop with Margie Lawson this coming September. You lucky ducks! I had so much fun last year and wish I could go again.
Okay. NOW I’m done. So much to do! So much happening! So little time to do it all! When the reading bug bites, we hope you think of us, The Morgans.
PS: If anyone knows how to make the post put in blank lines, PLEASE! Tell me the secret!!

Temporary Tats for Morgan Fans

admin | June 15th, 2011 - 6:24 pm
Morgan O'Reilly Tat

Temporary Tattoo

It’s FUN!

It’s FAB!

It’s a temporary tattoo designed to help you send a message to your someone special.

Yes, the Big Guy, aka my Budget Master, said I could order the spiffy shiny new bookmarks to go with the tats if my friends and fans sent me a letter sized SASE to help defray the cost. Bookmarks and tats in addition to envelopes and postage made him frown, so this makes it possible for me to send you more than just a tiny little tat!

To get your very own, send me a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Must be able to take a 6″ bookmark, so letter size is perfect. Send it to:

Morgan O’Reilly C/O AKRWA

Attn: Temp Tat!

P.O. Box 877743

Wasilla, AK  99687

2″ x 2″ it’s the perfect size to put, well, just about anywhere on your body! High quality, long lasting and fun to flash!  If you’re lucky enough to attend RWA National, you might be able to get one there, but why wait? Why risk missing out on the limited supplies available in the Goodie Room?

And supplies definitely are limited to first come first served, so don’t delay!

PS: If you really want to, you’ll be able to snip off the “Love, MorganO” without losing any of the heart before applying, but really, why would you want to?


For Entertainment Purposes Only. For adults 18+. Not for children.

Use with Care.

Informal testing has shown these tats inspire lustful thoughts in devoted partners.

Results may vary based on location of tattoo.

Use Responsibly… or not.

Author assumes no risk or blame, but will take all the credit!

Welcome Romance Readers

admin | February 2nd, 2011 - 3:53 pm

You’ve found the web home of wicked Morgan O’Reilly and her softer alter ego, Shea McMaster.

Romance has many moods and flavors. Whether set in Alaska, or on a distant space station far in the future, the facets of the wonderful world of love are all worthy of exploration.

So, come play and discover the many advantages of electronic books. Read them on a special device such as Nook or Kindle, on your Blackberry or iPhone, or using free software on your computer. Anyway you like it, one thing is certain, with an ebook, it’s easy to…

Get Some Tonight!