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Traditional Romance for Modern Women
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The slightly sweeter side of Morgan, Shea McMaster is known for a more traditional approach to romance. Sensual, and spicy, but  not as close to the razor’s edge.

From Lyrical Press/Kensington Books

Her Unexpected Affair-HighResHer Unexpected Affair – The Robinsons Book 2

A Contemporary Romance Novel

Publication Date: **June 21, 2016**

This was a detour worth taking . . .

For as long as she can remember, Meilin Wu has had her life mapped out, and she’s well down her chosen path–which had no warning signs about a tall, golden Brit who would bowl her over the night before her arranged marriage engagement. . .

Drew Robinson has nearly finished his formal education and is ready to face the world when he meets Meilin, an exquisite beauty with Chinese ancestry. He doesn’t mind she’s ten years older, and the fact she knows Mandarin only makes her that much more a perfect fit for his upcoming adventures in China. He just has to get her to dump her fiancé and convince her that a trip in China will only enhance her established design business.

Easy for a guy who’s known for seeing sunshine wherever he goes. Right?

95,000 Words

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Her Foreign Affair CoverHer Foreign Affair – The Robinsons Book 1 

A Contemporary Romance Novel

Twenty-two years ago, she ran out on the love of her life—and took a secret with her.

When Randi Jean Ferguson fell for Courtland Robinson while studying abroad in London, she was ready for a life of tea and crumpets. But when she discovered Court was being forced into a shotgun wedding, there was no way she could stay—or tell him she was also pregnant with his child. Now widowed, Randi is just starting to consider finding Court—when he shows up at her door. With his son. Randi’s not ready to reveal everything to Court, but if she doesn’t will both their children end up scarred?
The best thing to come out of Court’s unhappy marriage was his son. But he’s spent the last twenty-two years thinking about Randi, his California girl, his first—and only—love. Now a widower, he takes a chance he’s only fantasized about and seeks her out. At last he’ll solve his heart’s greatest mystery—but that won’t be the only surprise in store for him.

97,000 Words

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Rachel Dahlrumple

Rachel Dahlrumple

A Novel of Romantic Suspense

Her husband’s death is just the beginning of her marital woes.

Rachel’s humiliation over the discovery of her late husband’s affairs turns to fear when one of his mistresses sends her a poisoned bouquet. But finding the source of the killer flowers is only one step on her path to solving the mystery her husband left behind.

Deputy Dan Weston is with Rachel when the bouquet arrives, and he’s at her side as she deals with so many of the secrets that come to light after her husband’s death. Dan has carried a torch for Rachel since puberty and he’s not going to let her dead husband’s vindictive girlfriends or his psychotic mother come between them now. But that means finding out who is sending snakes and poisoned posies before one kills Rachel.

98,000 Words

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From Desert Breeze Publishing

Borealis II: A Space Anthology

Bleu Lies by Shea McMaster (Novella VI)

Commander Kal Raines began questioning the wisdom and guidance of the TPP when they exiled him to the Borealis. But, he’s loyal if nothing else. Since then, he’s questioned every choice he’s made in the name of the TPP.

Summer Merriweather has worked for the Rebellion under many names and in many situations, and now she’s on Borealis. When Summer crosses his path, she brings even more choices into question and Kal sees his loyalties have been thrown to the feet of swine. When he realizes he has the chance to help in the ultimate overthrow of the TPP, he stands and the precipice and must either step back or jump.

Step back, and let the Rebellion die? Jump? and join Summer in an ongoing, stealthy battle to strengthen the rebellion and perhaps someday overthrow the TPP.

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Borealis XIII: Don’t Step On My Blue Suede Deuce

Keven Merriweather is ready to live life his way. His sister certainly can’t ask him to earn more than six college degrees just to keep him away from the Borealis space station. It’s time to take his place in the Rebellion and ease the burden of upholding a family tradition placed on the delicate shoulders of super spy, Bella Bleu.

Bregwen Carter has passed the tests to join the ranks of Rebellion operatives and, earned her chance at proving her loyalty by taking out the evil Commander Raines. She’s undercover mixing drinks at a lower level Borealis bar notorious for shady deeds and deals, waiting for her chance.

Each one suspects the other of being the enemy. One of them is wrong. It takes a little blue dog named after an ancient song, cooperation, and buckets of faith to straighten things out, and bring the Rebellion’s favorite assassin home.

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Six Foot Hero **NO LONGER AVAILABLE** A possible indie-pub to come

Sometimes a woman needs a hero.

Nicole Dahl has some hard decisions to make. Trapped by a job and the troubling attentions of a mentor, she breaks free temporarily on an Alaskan vacation. Once there, instead of the soul-searching and relaxation she’d planned, she meets Logan Schafer, a man who erases her loneliness with his strong, skilled hands.

Logan is mesmerized by Nicole’s emerald eyes and beguiling sense of innocence, but he knows their pasts spell trouble for any hope of a future together. He has a prior claim to deal with once and for all, and Nicole’s so-called mentor is a much bigger threat than she realizes.

Will Nicole let him be her hero?